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Product Commercialization Workshop

New and improved. Now with added customers.

That highly engineered, user-friendly, locally sourced, 5G compatible thing you do so well—your company needs to profit from it. Which means you need to distinguish that product or service offering in a marketplace crowded with increasingly commoditized widgets.

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Differentiation is key. And in this workshop, you’ll learn how to set your product or service apart, even from your own existing product lines. We’ll look wide and deep into the competitive landscape and, identify existing and potential customers' perceptions, challenges, and opportunities.

Perfect For:

  • Companies looking to launch a new and groundbreaking technology
  • Companies that had an initial failure when launching a new product or service
  • Companies in an ultra-competitive market
  • Companies with commoditized offerings

It feels good to have a plan in hand.

BlueByrd arms your sales and marketing team with a highly detailed, researched, and strategic playbook capturing everything from the one-day workshop. Including the extensive research done by our senior marketing consultants, and proposed next steps to meet the discussed goals and objectives for your product.

During this one-day workshop
we will:

Determine commercial goals and objectives for the offering

Outline strategic product goals for today and the future.

Identify your ideal target audience and their buying process

Define the buying committee and how they make buying decisions.

Discuss market and competitor threats

Identify the competitors in the market, their market share, and how to take more than your fair share of it.

Discover the key differentiation 

Discuss what makes your product different from the competition.

How to tell your story

Go through a powerful storytelling exercise that will position you for success.

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