Fractional CMO

Today companies are facing significant headwinds like increased competition, illusive sales targets, and longer sales cycles. To make matters worse, they have not experienced the results they expect from sales and marketing because 20th century marketing tactics have become mostly irrelevant. In the past they have had to:

  • Work with agencies that don’t truly understand their business

  • Invest in inefficient in-house teams that don’t always share the larger corporate culture and lack the deep strategic talent necessary to tackle larger marketing challenges

  • Work with consultants that produce an impressive looking binder or presentation that never gets acted upon

Marketing and sales teams at odds

Even when they hire the right marketing vendor, success isn’t guaranteed because many times marketing and sales are not aligned. Too many times marketing collateral goes unused by the sales teams, yet the sales force feels like they do not receive the support they need.


Finding the right fit can be challenging

Hiring a talented Chief Marketing Officer that can help companies take a more strategic view of their sales and marketing efforts isn’t always cost effective, and quite often, not a full-time job for lots of technically focused B2B companies. It can also be risky because if they hire the wrong person it can take years to identify that they made a bad hire, and it could take months to replace them, causing serious disruption to the business.

What is a fractional CMO? 

Fractional CMOs do the same things Chief Marketing Officers do, only on a part-time basis. They work with the management team and sales teams to drive revenue for the organization.  It is the CMO's job to:

  • understand the company's position in the marketplace, 

  • determine how and where the company should be positioned in the future;

  • develop the strategy to drive the organization to that future market position; and

  • execute on that strategy.


The CMO should be expected to produce results, through their marketing efforts raising the brand awareness and customer loyalty that will ultimately lead to increased sales.


The right amount of marketing support to address your unique challenges

BlueByrd offers a cost-effective way to add significant sales and marketing horsepower to organizations without having to hire a full-time executive.


With decades of strategic business to business sales and marketing experience under our belt, we help our clients achieve their revenue growth targets by taking an agnostic view of marketing tactics. We focus on end-to-end strategies designed to help you meet your sales and marketing targets. We ruthlessly help you to focus only on the tactics that will drive your revenue so your marketing budget gets spent more efficiently and with better results.


Advantages of hiring a Fractional CMO

  • You get the right amount of marketing horsepower working on the right things at the right time, and agile enough to shift with changing market conditions​

  • We are a part of your management team so we are always aligned

  • Low risk option and quick to deploy

Think a Fractional CMO might be a good fit for your organization?

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