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Culture Alignment Workshop

Create your culture.
Drive your revenue.

Who are you? It’s a tough question for people and companies alike. In a world where start-ups and M&As are commonplace, different ideas, personalities, even cultures can loudly collide. Not good. Remember the business you’re supposed to be running?

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The good news is, once you find your collective groove, anything is possible. The better news is, we can help you find it—defining your values and culture, revealing your purpose, and aligning your management team to move forward harmoniously.

Perfect For:

  • New CEOs
  • Pre- or post- M&A activity
  • Management teams that lack alignment
  • Companies in need of a turnaround
  • Companies with high turnover
  • Companies with morale issues

Our one-day Culture Alignment workshop will cover: 

Embedded company values

We will discuss what your company values at its core and what values you will need to motivate your employees and drive the success of the organization.

Core employee behaviors

We will take a deep dive into the desired behaviors that will get an employee promoted, and which ones are not acceptable.

Company history and brand

We will look at the history of your company and how it shaped the brand. When told properly, this becomes proof of your purpose and value.

Crafting your new story

Stories have been powerful tools to engage and motivate people for thousands of years. For companies in complex B2B industries where there is a lot of noise and competition, we believe in crafting stories that make target customers heroes and motivate them to engage with you instead of your competitors.

Your core purpose and how it shapes your offerings

What sets your company a part in its industry? What do your customers need to solve the biggest challenges they face? At the intersection of these two questions is your purpose. This is why every person in your organization wakes up and goes to work in the morning.  

We’ll even throw in the map

Besides a fun and thought-provoking day with the BlueByrd team, you leave with the tools and framework needed to drive sustainable change, and after 3-4 weeks, we hand-off a robust playbook. The playbook documents the findings from the workshop and clear recommendations for market success and cultural changes. 

Find your groove. Write your success story.

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