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Online Engagement Workshop

How sticky is your web?

Before deciding to make a purchase, 90% of B2B buyers first conduct online research. Which means your website is potentially your most important salesperson. Is it saying and doing the right things or just loitering on the showroom floor?

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This workshop shows you how to transform customer inquiries into profitable relationships, coordinating with direct sales initiatives online and beyond. 

Perfect For:

  • Companies with underperforming websites or social media channels
  • Pre- and post- M&A activity 
  • Start-up companies looking to generate web leads

Get your story straight before telling it.

During this one-day workshop we will:

Define your ideal customer and buying committee 

Discover the entire buyer committee and how it makes buying decisions.

Navigate the buyer’s journey and align it with your entire sales process

Identify ways in which your customers buy and how to coordinate that with your sales team.

Scope out your competitors and discuss why they win and how you win

Discuss what sets you apart from the competition and how to maintain or steal market share.

Explore content options for lead magnets and social media

Brainstorm types of content that will resonate with your audience.

Success: get it in writing.

At the end of our action-packed, one-day workshop, you’ll walk away with an extremely detailed, thoroughly researched, and eminently actionable strategic playbook compiled by our senior marketing consultants. We’ll even sign it.

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