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Private Equity

Turn Your Portfolio Companies into Revenue-Generating Machines

A whopping 70-90% of all acquisitions fail to live up to investor expectations- a pretty big problem when you consider that growth and increased profits were the primary drivers behind the deal in the first place. So what steps can you take to achieve sustainable revenue growth that nets you the return on your investment that you're aiming for?


The Difference Between Commercial Success and a Commercial Flop

Getting a new product across the finish line and closing deals requires more than just a good product. You need a thoughtful and effective commercialization strategy, and that takes time, hard work, and expertise. We've outlined some tried-and-true best practices for ensuring commercial success so you can avoid a costly commercial flop.

Private Equity

10 Ways to Destroy Value During Mergers & Acquisitions

M&A due diligence processes frequently focus heavily on legal and finance, which gives a narrow perspective into the health of a soon-to-be-acquired company. Instead, private equity companies should broaden their view to consider actions and attributes that can drive—or destroy—growth once the deal is done. BlueByrd consultants have pinpointed 10 common pitfalls to watch out for during mergers and acquisitions—so you can ensure future profits.

Company Performance

Diagnosing an Underperforming Company

This past decade has brought stiffer competition, more customer profiles, and longer sales cycles—all pushing back against your sales and marketing efforts. This eBook provides insights for navigating those new realities, even leveraging them to your advantage.

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