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People ask us why we named our company BlueByrd. The reason is, we think it is an auspicious name. In sales terms, a bluebird refers to a lucrative and unexpected sales lead. Quite often bluebirds are associated with luck, but at BlueByrd we think of luck a bit differently than most.


Why do some people seem to have more luck than others? We think luck happens when you position yourself to be in situations that lead to better outcomes, and if you know what luck looks like, you tend to recognize lucky opportunities so you can act on them. And if you know the right things to do when you act, your outcomes are better. Then people say “Wow, you are always so lucky.”


We think bluebirds can be methodically generated, and that is what we do at BlueByrd. We help our clients find, close, and capitalize on sales opportunities so that they can drive greater revenue.

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Richard strives to help his clients reach their full potential. By combining experience in brand management with a command of the latest digital marketing tactics, he works with clients to help them drive market impact. Richard takes a strategic view of his clients' businesses, ensuring that their sales and marketing strategy, online engagement, sales efforts, and business goals are all aligned. 

Before starting BlueByrd, Richard was the President of Pennebaker, a 25 person B2B marketing firm. There, he led the company's business development efforts and was a strategic consultant for their clients.


Before Pennebaker, he was the Global Creative Director at Schlumberger, where he managed several multi-billion dollar brands, rolled out numerous technologies, oversaw the creative product of the international oil and gas services giant, and managed a large staff located on multiple continents. 

President | Fractional CMO | Dog Rescuer 

Richard Byrd


David is a transformational marketing thought-leader and brand ignitor. From go-to-market strategies to growth and retention, Dave brings to BlueByrd a forward-thinking approach, fueled by his deep experience and success in generating sales and revenue growth for Fortune 100 and 500 brands, including HP/Compaq®, SGI®, Discover®, Nextel/Sprint®, and Imperial & Dixie Crystal Sugar®

Prior to joining BlueByrd, Dave was VP and Director of Marketing for Discover®| PULSE®, where he led the company’s brand, product, and strategic customer engagement marketing initiatives. Rejuvenating the company’s flagship product brands through lead generation, retention, and usage strategies.


Previous to that, Dave was VP of Solutions Marketing at Captavi Marketing Automation Platform, where he led product marketing and client solutioning for web and mobile customer engagement strategies.


David holds a B.S. in Advertising & Marketing from Southern Miss, a Postbaccalaureate in Philosophy from St. Thomas, and is pursuing his MBA at Columbia Business School, NY.

Principal Consultant | Fractional CMO | Philosophical Drummer 

Dave Lopez

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