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Richard Byrd

Richard Byrd

Founder & CEO | Dog Rescuer

Growth and job creation. For Richard, these things are as critical for a company as they are for a functioning society. Consequently, he takes a holistic view of marketing with unique strategies that help companies achieve their growth targets.

In a career spanning 25+ years, he has served as Chief Marketing Officer for numerous organizations in the technology, life sciences, industrial, and oil & gas industries. Generating more than $80 billion in new revenue for his clients, he has successfully commercialized hundreds of technologies. He has also overseen the brand and communications strategy for dozens of mergers and acquisitions.

As Global Creative Director at SLB, he managed several multi-billion-dollar brands, rolled out numerous technologies, oversaw the creative product of the international oil & gas services giant, and managed a large staff on multiple continents. He has also led creative agencies and business development during his career. 

As a volunteer, Richard has served with Houston Cares animal rescue, Boy Scouts of America, and on the board of the Houston Business Marketing Alliance. When he’s not working, you’ll probably find him in a kayak or on a hike—where’s he’s thinking about working.