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Go-to-Market Strategy Workshop

Before you put it out there, set it up for success.

It’s noisy out there. Highly competitive. But before you can capitalize on opportunities or win back lost market share, you have some ducks to get in a row. 

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BlueByrd’s Go-to-Market Strategy workshop will help you define your best opportunities in light of your business goals and revenue targets. You’re far more than a commodity. We’ll show you how to strategically differentiate your company and lay out a path to achieving elusive success.

Perfect For:

  • New CEOs
  • Companies not meeting revenue targets
  • Companies in ultra-competitive markets 
  • Companies in danger of losing market share
  • Companies being commoditized

Sharpen your focus

The Go-to-Market Strategy Workshop is an intense day or two of thinking and debate—and it's worth the final outcome: strategic alignment. Your company will walk out of the workshop with a tentative plan in hand, and 3-4 weeks later, we'll deliver a full playbook outlining how to proceed and succeed.

During this one-day workshop we will:

Determine the Goal

Outline strategic business goals and objectives for both today and in the future.

Measure Success

Uncover the leading and lagging indicators you should be tracking to ensure success.

Define the Audience

Define the ideal customer, determine how they make buying decisions, and what drives their urgency.

Plan for Competitors

Devise a plan that helps maximize your strengths to outflank and outmaneuver the competition.

Uncover Your Sustainable Competitive Advantage

Determine what makes you uniquely different from your competitors.

Remove the Roadblocks

Understand and discuss any external and internal obstacles to success, and create plans to deal with them.

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