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Strategic Retreat Workshop

Everything you need
to grow.

If you are looking to build or rebuild your company, our Strategic Retreat is designed to help you and your management team look at all the key factors that will set you up for success.

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BlueByrd offers a comprehensive array of workshops designed to help management teams take a fresh look at its culture and market. Each workshop is crafted to deliver specific results on their own, but they also collectively integrate with each other to create a powerful combination. This multiday workshop is meant to be held offsite so that management teams can bond and build trust. Stepping outside of your business for a few days can provide clarity and insights that are difficult to obtain while working in your daily routines and dealing with the demands of the business. 

Perfect For:

  • Companies looking for a fresh start
  • New CEOs 
  • Pre- and post- M&A activity
  • Management teams in need of alignment
  • Companies in need of a turnaround
  • Companies with cultural/morale issues
  • Companies struggling to grow 

Take a strategic view of what matters most to your organization.

At the end of our action-packed Strategic Retreat, you’ll walk away with an extremely detailed, thoroughly researched, and eminently actionable strategic playbook compiled by our senior marketing consultants. We’ll even sign it.

During this multiday Strategic Retreat
we will:

Document strategic business objectives

Outline goals for today and the future.

Define your optimal target audience

Discuss the ideal customer and buying committee.

Discuss emanate competitive threats

Devise a plan that helps maximize your strengths to outmaneuver the competition.

Discover your sustainable competitive advantage

Dive deep into what makes your company and services different than the bad guys.

Define company values and behaviors

We will take a deep dive into the desired behaviors that will get an employee promoted, and which ones are not acceptable.

Look at company history and brand associations

We will look at the history of your company and how it shaped the brand. When told properly, this becomes proof of your purpose and value.

Craft your story

Stories have been powerful tools to engage and motivate people for thousands of years. For companies in complex B2B industries where there is a lot of noise and competition, we believe in crafting stories that make target customers heroes and motivate them to engage with you instead of your competitors.

Dive deep into your core purpose

How does your organization win in this industry? What do your customers need in order to solve the biggest challenges they face? At the intersection of these two questions is your purpose. This is why every person in your organization wakes up and goes to work in the morning.  

Change your organization for the better.

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