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BlueByrd helped a middle-market investment bank increase its LinkedIn following by 904% and garner 582,000 brand impressions in less than a year.


  • The company was unsure how to utilize its social media in a way that made sense to its audience
  • The company's target audience was active on LinkedIn but there was no clear content strategy on how to engage them


  • Created a topic calendar for LinkedIn that shared relevant and educational information for their target audience
  • The social strategy aided in the larger thought leadership strategy
  • Trained their team to engage with the company's content
  • Utilized the sales team to target the correct audience
  • Attended over 100 events throughout the year, which allowed us to tag attendees and increase overall impressions and engagement


  • Increased LinkedIn followers by 904%
  • Garnered 582,000 brand impressions
  • Achieved a 12.7% engagement rate (the average LinkedIn engagement rate is 3.16%)

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