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The BlueByrd team helped a large oil and gas services company increase the annual revenue for its E&P software by 200%.


In order to gain market share among smaller North American E&P operators, the large oilfield services company (the "company") repackaged its best-in-class E&P software, which used to only be accessible to the major oil and gas companies, into a more affordable, cloud-enabled, pay-as-you-go subscription service. It supports the workflows these operators need without the excessive capex and IT requirements associated with traditional software. Plus, they can purchase it on a project-by-project basis, allowing them to control their costs while improving the productivity of their wells.


  • Helped the company reorganize its offerings by domain vs. by software profile to make it easier for users to find the software package applicable to their specific domain and challenge
  • Developed concise, pragmatic messaging that focused on three main value propositions for the NAM customer, which were atypical of the company: simplicity, accessibility, and affordability
  • Re-designed and enhanced the user experience of the e-commerce website 
  • Developed an integrated multi-channel advertising campaign consisting of programmatic, paid social, and industry pub native advertising and sponsorships
  • Produced educational videos, led by the company experts, on how to run various workflows and scenarios using the software, and developed advertising that drove qualified traffic to the video landing pages
  • Leveraged existing case studies, as well as created new ones to prove the value of the software, and drove traffic to the landing pages through programmatic, paid social, and native advertising efforts


In the first 12 months, we:

  • Increased total leads by 1,100%
  • Increased qualified leads by 1,390%
  • Increased annual  revenue by 200%
  • Increased traffic to the e-commerce site to such a degree that it was the most popular page aside from the homepage

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