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Fractional Chief Marketing Officer



April 5, 2022

Experience: 10+ years in progressively more responsible roles within a marketing organization, culminating in marketing leadership or executive-level consulting

The Fractional Chief Marketing Officer is the key driver of growth for BlueByrd and our clients. We’re looking for strategic thinkers who have a passion for helping others growth their business.

Essential Functions

The Fractional CMO will:

  • Lead fractional marketing engagements and serve as the face of BlueByrd with our clients, and the advocate of the client within BlueByrd.
  • Work with clients to understand, shape, and create short-term and long-term marketing goals.
  • Develop strategies, tactical plans, and budgets to meet agreed-upon goals.
  • Oversee the execution of marketing plans and campaigns, ensuring they are completed as effectively as possible.
  • Attend client leadership management and strategy meetings as if you were a full-time CMO, and advise clients accordingly.
  • Own the marketing perspective on all issues, challenges, and opportunities for clients. We’re not kidding when we say we have a seat at the table for our clients, and they expect us to weigh in and own marketing as a discipline.
  • Manage a team of client-side marketers and creatives.
  • Lead marketing strategy workshops and create appropriate deliverables (playbooks, messaging, journey maps, etc.).


  • 10+ years in progressively more responsible roles within a marketing organization, culminating in marketing leadership or executive-level consulting.
  • 5+ years experience directly managing a team of people, including making decisions hiring, developing, coaching, holding accountable, and terminating team members.
  • A strong command of how businesses function, make decisions, and make money. The “C” in CMO denotes the seniority of the role, and a chief executive of any flavor must be able to guide a business in the right direction.
  • A Bachelor’s degree in marketing, communications, business management, or a related field. A Master’s degree or MBA is preferred.
  • Highly polished communication skills, including written, verbal, and presenting. Fractional CMOs should be savvy communicators in both 1-to-1 and 1-to-many situations, and capable of managing down, across, and up in an organization. Fractional CMOs should also be comfortable taking the lead in a large group of people.
  • Experience effectively managing a marketing budget, including knowing how and when and how to divest from ineffective tactics and increase investment in more effective tactics.
  • A deep understanding of marketing strategy, tactics, channels, and tools. Our clients expect us to bring new ideas and energy to the relationship.
  • A functional knowledge of the sales process and basic sales management principles. A CMO must be able to interface effectively with a sales executive and foster a productive and collaborative relationship.
  • A working knowledge of analytics and reporting policies, procedures, and tools. Clients expect regular reporting on marketing activities and Fractional CMOs must be able to report on both progress and effectiveness of the strategy.

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