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Madelynn Vickers

Madelynn Vickers

Marketing Specialist | Concert Photographer

Madelynn was born and raised in Houston. Her passion for marketing stems from her early career as a concert photographer, working side by side with artists and music publicists to provide show coverage.

While attending The University of Texas at Austin, she interned for Cara Caulkins Communications and learned how to pitch to the media for consumer packaged goods. Shortly after graduating in 2019, she joined a creative agency in downtown Austin where she gained experience working with a wide variety of clients ranging from small tech companies to large residential companies such as Brookfield Residential.

In her spare time, Madelynn is almost always listening to music, at a concert with her camera, playing video games, or spending time with family. She loves animals as well and has a cat named Maus.

Madelynn joined the BlueByrd team in early 2022 after working in client relations for the top real estate photography company in Houston. She loves working with different personalities and actively takes the initiative to get to know clients and their businesses.