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Katie Gray

Katie Gray

Principal | Fractional CMO | Musical Theater Maven

Katie has established a career of blending leadership and results, solving problems creatively, and satisfying multiple stakeholders for over 25 years. She has moved the needle for companies in a variety of industries, most notably energy, finance, and healthcare with her innovative and integrated B2B and B2C marketing and communications strategies.

Prior to joining BlueByrd, Katie served as Vice President of Pennebaker, Inc., where she headed-up the digital services and account management departments, and was Senior Vice President of Marketing Communications at Belmont Village Senior Living, a senior housing company with more than 30 locations nationwide.

Throughout her career, Katie has led multidisciplinary teams to achieve award-winning work and results. She’s helped companies position and commercialize their brands and products and created strategic digital and offline marketing campaigns that exceeded companies’ sales goals.