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Kasey Cooper

Kasey Cooper

Account Manager | Home Team Fanatic

Kasey's foundation was formed from a degree in psychology and her background includes a hodgepodge of experiences ranging from non-profit, restaurant management, project management, and marketing. Her marketing career began in B2B oil & gas marketing, and she recently expanded her expertise in the B2C Amazon industry. She believes that marketing is the perfect intersection of business and psychology. Digital marketing especially intrigues her because of the real-time results and interactions with the target audience.

Originally a transplant from Lubbock Texas, she has now lived in Houston for almost 10 years. She fell in love with the Astros and tries to watch every game with her family. She is a new mother and loves seeing the world from the perspective of a little child. In addition to her family, the Astros, and marketing, she loves to talk about music from all genres and all generations.