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Mergers and acquisitions are not for the faint of heart. By their very nature, these transactions are expensive, and there is no guarantee of success. According to Harvard Business Review, 70% to 90% of all acquisitions fail to live up to investor expectations. Whether you are undertaking a carveout, acquiring a distressed asset or choosing a buy and build approach, BlueByrd can help add value to your enterprise from day one.

Grow your portfolio company

We believe that increasing the enterprise value of an organization ultimately means increasing EBITDA, and achieving top-line growth is the sole purpose behind BlueByrd. Many mid-market companies have underinvested in sales and marketing, which is probably what makes them an attractive target for purchase. BlueByrd can partner with you to grow recently acquired or underperforming portfolio companies in several ways.

Fractional CMO
Adding an experienced marketing professional to your management team can be incredibly valuable. For technical and industrial businesses, that person does not necessarily need to be a full-time employee. A BlueByrd Fractional CMO can provide the experienced, strategic leadership you need to help make the most of your investment.
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Strategic Workshops
BlueByrd offers numerous workshops designed to help overcome issues that are holding back your portfolio companies and to capture opportunities that will put them ahead of the competition. Each workshop is loaded with engaging exercises that will get your management team aligned and ready to win.  
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Messaging M&A

10 Ways to Destroy Value During Mergers & Acquisitions  

BlueByrd’s consultants have helped many companies formulate their brand, culture, communications, and go-to-market strategies as they merge with or acquire companies, as well as rectify past decisions that inhibited market growth. This book illustrates lessons learned and is meant to help readers spot hidden traps