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Customer Value Studies

To truly understand what customers value they must be given choices. Using the conjoint analysis methodology, the Customer Value Study uses research from your actual customers to determine which features they value most, and more importantly, what they will pay you for those features.  


Customer Value Studies have helped successfully launch over thirty multi-million dollar products and more than a few billion-dollar blockbusters.


Enabling Smarter Strategic Decisions, and eliminating guesswork.


R&D Benefits of Using Customer Value Studies

  • Determine which product attributes bring value and which attributes don’t bring value to the customer to guide R&D.

  • Determine the overall value in dollars each attribute brings.

  • Determine the size of the market, allowing for a meaningful ROI to be calculated before the R&D is started

Sales Benefits of Using Customer Value Studies

  • Know the dollar value of the product to each customer.

  • Understand which customers to target early on in the launch phase (and which to avoid), enabling a more successful sales roll-out.

  • Tell your sales reps which attributes to focus presentations on, adapting this to each customer and paving the way for an easier sale.


Marketing Benefits of Using Customer Value Studies

  • Determine the potential number of customers and market size. What price customers will pay for your offering.

  • Create an informed marketing strategy from a market segmentation showing beachhead customers, early adopters, late adopters, and laggards.

  • Determine which attribute is of most interest to each customer (by company and by name), and understand geo-markets, target customers, and buyer profiles.

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