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Messaging M&A

10 Ways to Destroy Value During Mergers & Acquisitions  

Mergers and acquisitions are not for the faint of heart. By their very nature, they are expensive, and there is no guarantee of success. According to the Harvard Business Review, 70 - 90 percent of all acquisitions fail to live up to investor expectations. 

During the M&A due diligence process, executives spend a lot of time with their legal, finance and technical teams. They have to understand how much they should pay, what they are getting as part of the deal, IP considerations, legal ramifications, tax consequences, product portfolio issues, etc. All of these aspects are critical to the success of the deal, but in our experience, there are other hidden aspects that are often overlooked during the due diligence process outside the worlds of legal and finance. 

The consultants at BlueByrd have had the good fortune of helping many companies formulate their brand, culture, communications and go-to-market strategies as they merge with or acquire companies, as well as rectify past decisions that inhibited market growth. This book illustrates lessons learned and is meant to help readers spot traps they may not have recognized before.

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