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EOS Marketing Beyond The List, The Three Uniques, Proven Process, and Guarantee

BlueByrd Strategic Sales & Marketing believes in the power of EOS, the EOS toolbox, and integrating those processes into your business for operational success. In fact, we use it for our own business and work with many who do the same. We've created more marketing resources that integrate and pair perfectly with EOS. Make sure you have what you need to go beyond the provided EOS tools to enhance your marketing efforts and reach your sales goals.

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FREE eBook: How to Take EOS Marketing Tools to the Next Level

Your EOS toolbox has served you well, but we found what is missing to take your marketing and sales to the next level. In this free ebook, you can expect to learn:

  • How to build on the EOS toolbox
  • How to effectively incorporate marketing into your L-10 meetings
  • How "The List" is good, but segmenting the list is better
  • How to make your "Three Uniques" more relevant to your customers

How BlueByrd integrates with your company

Does your agency speak EOS?

Do you have marketing rocks that aren't getting done quarter after quarter? As an EOS-operated company, we not only use those processes but easily integrate with other companies who do as well.

  • We participate in your L-10 meetings
  • We are held accountable for items on the scorecard
  • We own quarterly marketing rocks
  • Our consultants help process issues and bring marketing needs to light
  • We have marketing to-do's that get done in a timely manner
  • We conduct quarterly conversations and annual performance reviews with marketing staff

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