Climbing Out: The Top 5 Actions

to Take Right Now to Start Selling

Your Way Out of the Global Pandemic

In June, our President, Richard Byrd had the privilege of delivering a message to B2B marketers. 


The economy has been severely disrupted by the COVID-19 global pandemic.  It has changed the way companies market and sell their offerings.  Richard discussed the top five activities that your company should be engaging in to get your revenue back on track for 2020 and beyond.  Each activity will be illustrated by real-world case studies from March - May 2020.  

Richard's mission is to help his clients grow their revenue by taking a strategic view of their sales and marketing efforts and ensuring that they are aligned with his client's business goals. Before founding BlueByrd, Richard was the President of Pennebaker, a 25 person B2B marketing firm. There, he led the company's business development efforts and was a strategic consultant for their clients. Before Pennebaker, he was the Global Creative Director at Schlumberger, where he managed several multi-billion dollar brands, rolled out countless technologies, oversaw the creative product of the international oil and gas services giant, and managed a large staff located on multiple continents.

Download the presentation today to learn how you can climb out of this global pandemic. 

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