Client Case Study:
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A global valve company attempted rebranding and launching a product but had very little initial success in the marketplace. The company had not clearly identified its target audience or key product differentiators which didn’t give them a competitive advantage.




BlueByrd suggested a Product Commercialization Workshop to help the client reposition the product for a successful re-commercialization with a market-driven strategy. This included: 

  • Having a full understanding of the offering and its place in the market 

  • Clearly defining the target audience that consisted of 6 different buyer personas

  • Conducting a full competitor analysis in its industry marked by stiff competition by competitors that had been in the market for decades and had extensive well-know product lines

  • Developing clear messaging with a strong positioning statement and individual sales pitches to efficiently target each buyer persona

  • Outlining BlueByrd’s recommended marketing tactics rooted in a clear strategy for target audiences, how to reach them, and display tactics that made sense for the product

Strategic marketing tactics for this client included: 

  • A website with updated messaging to speak directly to the target audience with clear CTAs that drive leads

  • An email marketing campaign introducing the product, followed by a drip nurturing campaign

  • A 3-month brand awareness and lead generation LinkedIn campaign targeting all of the different buyer personas with the messaging BlueByrd crafted

  • A potential account-based marketing campaign dependent on the other tactics’ success



After the workshop, there was a much clearer understanding of the product and where it fit in the marketplace. The messaging was enticing and relevant to its target audience. Our LinkedIn campaign successfully brought in dozens of qualified leads that then led to RFQs, which were the client's goal for the campaign itself. We initially tried targeting North and South America with the intention of most of the leads being from North America. Surprisingly, all of the leads came from South America, and a high percentage generated RFQs. This then led us to explore other regions, which have also been successful. 


The following campaign targeting the Middle East had 16 leads that matched our buyer personas. While we are currently continuing to test other markets, the product line is thriving and had a great Q4 in 2020, causing the company to readjust its expectations and increase the company’s sales goals for 2021. 

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